Property Market Essentials - March 2018

This Month in Review

As the year starts to take hold, the national property market is likely to continue to “peter out” over the year, according to researchers at Deloitte, who say tighter lending and expected higher interest rates will start to bite.

Despite this, the Housing Industry Association’s national outlook for 2018 thinks the country is reaching equilibrium for the first time in 15 years, with supply and demand about to break even due to record building on the east coast.

All state and territory governments have been urged to drop stamp duty for first-home buyers, by ACT chief minister Andrew Barr, who thinks it’s a set-back for entry buyers and widely considered inefficient.

At the Property Council of Australia’s residential outlook in February, HSBC chief economist Paul Bloxham and CoreLogic CEO Lisa Claes also put stamp duty and tax reform at the top of their wish lists.

Kohab, a new platform for co-buying real estate, has been launched and is expected to help home buyers enter the market without having enough money to traditionally buy in.

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