A delightful addition to the Dulwich Hill precinct is a French Epicerie Fine which has just celebrated its 5th anniversary. Run by friendly couple, Dominique and Janette Durand, The Larder provides locals, and those prepared to travel a bit further, access to an outstanding range of cheeses, charcuterie, and a range of French and Australian wines.

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The range of produce reflects the proprietors’ respective French and Australian heritages. Dominique is from Burgundy, France. He brings his knowledge of French unpasteurised cheese to the table including the pungent and creamy Roquefort, and Époisses, a washed-rind cheese from Burgundy. They stock my favourite cheese, Reblochon from the Savoie, a soft washed rind cheese with a distinctive nutty taste. There is also a range of goat’s and sheep milk cheeses and French country cheeses like the classic Cantal from the Auvergne.

The wine list has a balance of French and Australian wines, and represents small wineries in local regions such as Canberra and Geelong. You won’t find big names in Bordeaux wines here. Dominique thinks they’re too expensive and hard to sell. Instead he’s opted for the equally beautiful Beaujolais, Côte du Rhone and Gigondas.

But this is not just a place where you buy produce. The wine bar opens daily for lunch and on Friday and Saturday nights, serving cheese, charcuterie, and homemade terrines and rillettes. There is fresh bread from artisan bakeries, Brasserie, the Bread and Butter Project and Brickfields.

And on Sunday afternoons in summer, The Larder hosts live jazz. You can enjoy a range of charcuterie/cheese platters, with dips or classic French sardines and sample the wines while enjoying live acoustic music in an intimate, friendly atmosphere.

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(2017) The Larder Epicerie Fine Broadsheet

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