There was a bit of a stir recently when an international visitor made a surprise visit to one of Marrickville’s iconic local businesses. Those of us who live nearby know that we are blessed to have one of Australia’s best coffee bars and roasters just around the corner. 

Here, coffee is truly a passion, a mission.  “Even great coffee can be made better”!  And who am I to argue? 

Coffee Alchemy is located in a plain red brick building at the Enmore end of Addison Rd in Marrickville’s old industrial heartland.  The décor within is simple and functional but one is immediately drawn in by the aroma of freshly roasted beans and recent brews.  This is a coffee bar in the truest sense – all you can buy is coffee or coffee making equipment. 

When Romano met David

When Romano met David

Owner Hazel de los Reyes is a well-respected figure within the Australian coffee scene, and for good reason. As well as an Australian “cupping” title (the tasting process by which roasters grade and categorise coffee), her list of accolades includes a number of prestigious barista and roasting titles. The huge range of brew methods and meticulously sourced selection of coffees are a testament to her talents.

Alchemy has its standard range of blends with enticing labels such as Goodness Galileo, Paracelsus Punch and Sibila’s Brew.  I particularly like the Galileo but each week there is also a different range of single origin coffees to try from Africa, South America and Asia. So my palate never gets stale. 

And when a customer flies in from London to pick up some beans then local really has become global.  But if you live in Marrickville there is every reason to stay local!

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