I was asked to assist an 85 year old family member to set up a recurring payment from her pensioner's deeming account to her daily transaction account with another bank.  I inquired with the Information Desk at a local branch and instead of being directed to a teller I was ushered into the office of the branch based financial planner.

She said “what your aunt needs is an annuity”. 

Me: Why she would need this? 

Planner:  “so she has enough cash to live on.”

Me:  “my aunt has no problem with cash flow.  Her interest income is higher than her living expenses.”

Planner:  “she could use the money to take a holiday or….

Me:  “she has no need of extra cash She is not physically well enough to go on a holiday……”

Upon the third refusal of the purchase of the annuity the Planner just walked out of the room and I did not see her again.  Oh well…. Back to the Information Desk

Me:  “My aunt needs to set up a recurring payment from her deeming account”

Luckily they had run out of financial planners and I got the help I had originally asked for!