1.  We Give You Choice

When was the last time your bank told you about a better offer from a competitor?  Loanscape maintains accreditations with a wide range of first and second tier banks, non-banks and other specialist lenders so that we have the capacity to help you find the most competitive finance solution that meets your requirements. 

2.  Independence

We are not tied to any franchise groups, property developers, real estate agents or buyer’s agents.  This means that we have no conflict of interest in sharing with you information relating to your property and your loan.

3.  Experience

We have more than 12 years experience as mortgage managers and credit advisers.  Our principal also has more than 20 years experience working in other industries to bring a wealth of knowledge about finance, risk management, project management and quality processes to your transaction.

4.  Access to Market Data

Of course we help you to select the best loan for your short and medium term needs.  But we like to do so much more.  Our objective is to do everything we can to help you with what you want to do; whether that be to buy a property, make an investment or expand your business.  That means we try to arm you with all the information you need to understand your transaction and to make the best decisions possible at each stage.

5.  We Help You Keep Control

From helping you to choose a loan you can afford to repay, staying in control of your property transaction, keeping you informed regularly on the status of your file, we help you navigate the stressful process of loan approval with a minimum of stress.

6.  Quality Control

Every loan we process follows our well designed and documented work flow.  This helps us to ensure that your loan application and settlement follow a structured path from start to finish.

7.  Loan Review Process

We have a unique ongoing formal loan review process whereby we assist you to actively manage your loan during the length of its term.  Among other things we monitor the competitiveness of your product, your property equity and your repayment performance and if necessary re-negotiate with your lender for a better outcome.  This process alone has saved our clients $,000s of dollars over the past two years alone.

8.  We are 100% Australian

All the work carried out on your loan will be processed by people who live and work in our community.  We rely upon our community for our income and this means we take seriously our commitment to engage members of our community in carrying out all our work. 

9.  We Support Fred Hollows Foundation

For every loan under management we donate a proportion of our revenue to the Fred Hollows Foundation